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    Learning actionscript

      Hello there!

      Just curious, have anyone of you (pros') noticed an efficient to learn to use actionscript fluently?! Many times you could solve something with scripting instead of just messing around with tha timeline. Using help or browsing forums are good, but often you know exatly what your movie needs, but dont know how to accomplish that..

      Problem being the fact that often you just don't have a clue of all the possibilities actionscripts give you, especially when currently my scripts are as complex as "gotoAndPlay" or "onRelease" :) . So you end up doing some simple feature the hard and timeconsuming way with tha timeline.

      Although I have a good artistic ear and eye but as a beginner in flash8 and not familiar at all in coding, it's hard to even know where to start learning about actionscript. I guess its a question of bit by bit knowledge over the years..

      Thanks for any reply!
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          derobinson Level 1
          There are plenty of good books out there. Anything by Colin Moock. Books published by Friends of Ed. Or even the Visual Quickstart Guides.

          The other route is to find training, either in person or online. Start here:


          Good luck!
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            Mister Peanut Level 1
            I, too am a beginner. I have purchased a couple of books on Flash 8 and Actionscript. It all takes a little time to sift through, but I will recommend a couple of books. First Russell Chun's Macromedia Flash Advanced Visual Quickpro Guide assumes you have tweening, drawing and basic navigation skills. It starts with the basic actionscript, and gives short example projects. At first glance it seem a little daunting, but start perusing through and you'll find a few simple, quick projects that will help your understanding.

            Craig Campbell's learnflash.com has been excellent with their free tutorials, and if you're willing to spend a little money, I'm almost certain it'd be the best bet. Check out the website and try a free tutorial. You won't be disappointed with this one.

            www.keyframer.com has interesting animation tutorials. This guy is good, and will have you inspired. check out his portfolio site as well: www.mudbubble.com.

            Lynda's Hands on Training (HOT) series lays out lessons for you with finished examples. From start to finish, you will build a website or multiple projects. It is very clear, but their Beyond the Basics book requires that you start at the beginning of the book, and go all the way to the end. There is no jumping in at any project to create components of your website. I suggest looking at these books at your local bookstore.

            A book to avoid as a beginner to any coding (as I am) is Flash 8 Actionscript Bible. I couldn't stand trying to figure anything out, as it has been written probably for people who understand some general object-oriented coding already (although it claims to be for all levels).

            I understand your frustration with being able to do exactly what your case needs. I guess it's just a matter of constantly looking up stuff and asking questions.

            If you ever find any good sources yourself, please email me:


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              Zen-m Level 1
              ...Thanks both of ya.

              yeah, I find it really hard to create code from scratch to make something happen, even though If knew for example that I should use the setInterval method etc. Methods and everything are ofcourse explained in help but still its difficult to "think ahead" and create a code with variables, functions, strings etc. and flawless syntax.

              Lot of the thing you manage to do is due browsing tutorials and quite literaly copy/paste codes for your own stuff. That works but often you miss the point of how something works and don't really undestand it. So if you would have to code something with methods used in some tutorials it would be hard 'cos you wouldn't actually know and understand what to do and how to start. Just recently I found a way to use intervals on my site by copying code from some tutorial.

              I do understand how intervals work, but usually codes are compiled of variables and stuff, and even though understanding all of it separately, dont quite crasp how they work together, since I am a total rookie whet it comes to coding :) and loose my temper quide often in simple tasks like making few changes in .html... heh. I think it has something to do with my poor logical thinking or never understanding math that well. On the contrary I do have an "eye" for lot of things.. like i mentioned. I think in mediagroups often there are people how code and people how design... i guess...

              I will look up some of those books you mentioned. I have some in .pdf format but it's not so erconomic to sit in front of the monitor allday reading a .pdf (should have some tablet pc or smt for that). Also i'v purchased these www.TotalTraining.com video lessons and these have been quite helpful.

              Well, know one is master over night.. so bit by bit i'll say. If you want to check out this site i'v been developing, go ahead. Its kinda like my familysite and when it's finished there would be like an electronic CV and stuff like that. The latter also upcoming site is for my band Airhead. Thanks again!


              'till next time,