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    Changing Flash Settings

    OMH Rob
      I recently put up a Flash 7 Datagrid on my website (www.ottawaminorhockey.com), and I made some error when loading it onto the site because it asked everyone who came to the site if it would allow Flash to get data from our site. (Same Domain, just fills in the data dynamically). So now if someone said NO back then, then nomatter what version of the Flash they are running now it will never allow them to see the content. They have obviously blocked the dynamic data.

      My question is does anyone know how they can change this setting. If you right click on a flash component there is no choice for allowing dynamic data. It asks to use Microphone and Camera, it does storage space, but there is nothing to reverse this.

      The problem is that people have upgraded, but cannot see the content because out of a panic they initially said no.

      Any help would be appreciated.