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    Simple Question

    Whitetimer Level 1
      Hi All ...

      I'm just taking my first steps into using Actionscript and i'd like to know how i could do this.

      My small app uses a view stack and about 12 seperate Canvas Components. Each component will have child components or states. How can i right a function that when the user clicks on the relevant link button to call the component, the canvas will set its relevant controls etc to selectedIndex=0 for instance.

      Is there a property called on focus or something, when the canvas appears and has focus ?

      Any suggestions ?

      Many thanks

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          leotemp Level 1
          You could set all those values manualy in the states or make a simple function that just runs through your list of properties you want changed. I dont know whate else i could tell you without seeing your app or basically writing the function for you.

          <linkButton click="{makeChanges()}">

          function makeChanges() {
          comboBox01.selectedIndex= 0;
          dataGrid01.selectIndex= 0;