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    tween class question...maybe

      I'm new at this. I have 2 questions.

      I have an animation with movie clips as buttons. The code I'm using on the root timeline, seems to create the buttons at run time. Somehow duplicating one to create the other 4. I think that because when I put code on movieClip instance #1, it works on all. Which leads me to my first question:

      How do I get the buttons to do different things? Like, click movieClip called ball1 and movieClip called box1 tweens on stage from off screen. Then, click movieClip called ball2 and movieClip called box2 tweens on stage from off screen, etc.

      Next question:

      What I want to happen is--the first time you click on a button, the company's logo tweens smaller and moves to the upper left corner of the stage. [It's a movieClip also]. Right now, I have it working where, when you click on any button it does the move, but when you click on the same button or other buttons, it does the move again. Once it does the move on first click, I want it to stay up in the corner and not move ever, ever again.

      Seems like I'm looking for an IF...ELSE kind of a thing for that second question.

      I'm trying to work my way through a fat book on actionScript, but I'm under a deadline from my client.

      Please help.