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    WinHelp 2000 type change when compiling

    midlo Level 1
      Edit: Disregard this note. I found the Wrong Font thread on the RoboHelp for Word forum that deals with this.

      Compiling a WinHelp 2000 help seems to change the styles of one .doc file from Arial to Times Roman. At least that is what shows in the .hlp file. Styles seem OK in the topics and .doc file. No changes made to topics in the file.

      When I compiled in MS HTML, out of curiousity, the topic type came out OK but in front of the first topic of the problem file was a list of font names, mostly for foreign fonts. For example: Arial;Courier New;Symbol;Helvetica;Wingdings;Times New Roman CE;Times New Roman Cyr;Times New Roman Greek;Times New Roman Tur;Times New Roman (Hebrew);Times New Roman (Arabic);Times New Roman Baltic;Times New Roman (Vietnamese);...

      As changes are made in various topics in other files, in WinHelp 2000, the typeface in those files also changes from Arial to Times after compiling.

      We are using RH X5, on XP sp2. These files have not been touched since April 2005, at which time things seemed OK. I have a feeling that WinHelp 2000 is not getting along with XP sp2.

      Can anyone provide insights?