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    Working with Dreamweaver Templates

      Hello Everyone,

      I am new to Dreamweaver and CSS and I have designed a website based on tutorials I have been reading for the last 3 months. So I have used a template for my site and used it for all my pages (7) and anytime I tried to update my pages they update great. I then added a div tag named #links in the template, below my footer for some links and used images for the links. The links have a blue outline around them and I cant for the life of me get rid of them. I've tried creating a #links a tag and changing the CSS so the color is the same as the background, tried checking the none box for decoration, basically everything I can think of with my limited knowledge of CSS and Dreamweaver and cant get it to work. The color changes but when I preview in a browser it keeps that default links color.
      When I try to update my pages it says 7 files examined 0 files updated, but if I make a change like change one of my navbar items it allows it and updates the site pages.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. The attached code is from my template,