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    Animated GIF works in-network, doesn't out ????


      I have a RoboHelp (FlashHelp) piece at http://iqweb.mcny.edu/iqweb/Student_IQWeb/userGuide/student_IQWeb.htm, which has a few animated GIFs, you can find one at the end of the page in the Do It Online book, View Application Status topic. There are two animated airplane smilies marking the end of the page and the end of the documentation. This work is hosted by a server maintained in-house at the college for which the piece was developed.

      I have the same work hosted outside for my own portfolio, at http://mywebniche.com/ID/MCNY/RoboHelp/Student_IQWeb/userGuide/student_iqweb.htm and the animated GIFs do not animate.

      Also, when I view the piece at the -in-house location http://iqweb.mcny.edu/iqweb/Student_IQWeb/userGuide/student_IQWeb.htm from outside the college, ie, outside the LAN, the very same animated GIFs also fail to animate.

      Does anyone have any idea what is going on? It is not a browser setting, I've checked all those, they're the same inside and out. It can't be the server per se since the in-house server's animated GIFs work fine when viewing from in-house, but not from the "outside." Conversely, the animated GIFs in the RoboHelp on the outside server animate just fine when viewed from within the college LAN, but also fail when viewed from the outside.

      Why would a GIF animate inside a LAN but not outside?