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    Calculating Radio Button Values that are numbers

    Scottie In FLL

      I'm newer to actionscript. I'm trying to calculate number values in Radio Buttons. Once I get a value I will evaluate the number if => "10" then goto framelabel "email" else framelabel "thank you"
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          Supermercado_Gato-eP5SVb Level 1
          Make sure you radio buttons all have the same value in the groupName field. Enter the individual numbers you want to use in the Data fields. For this example, assume you're using three radio buttons, your "groupName" field for the radio buttons will be set to "nameOfGroup" and each "Data" field will be numbered 1, 2 and 3.

          Execute this script to evaluate the button seelcted and navigate to a label based on the "Data" field value.