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    Anchor links in Flash 4 menus

      I'm using a very old version of Flash, 4.0x and I'd like to make a drop down menu movie for a web site. I've figured out how to build the graphics, and even use the "get URL" action to create links to external sites and pages. but I'm having a devil of a time figuring anchors in internal links. As an example: <a href="page2.html#Tacoma">test2</a>. My method has been to select the desired "button" @ specificframe; properties > actions > "get URL" I've gotten the the button to load the desired page but how do I get it go to the desired anchor on that page? I should mention I'm testing this movei from within the HTML file and browser (IE) as if it were part of the web site/page.
      I'm sure this is a simple bonehead fix thanks for any help.