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    can anyone help me?

      I am having trouble still with this. If I type 7 in the input txt box I get this in my output when I submit
      days = 7 by using trace("days = "+_root.days);
      which is fine but I need it to output the correct rate for 7 days from my array and store that rate as a variable so I can add or multiply it to others when it calculates!
      This is my array
      durationDays = new Array();
      durationDays [0] = "1.4375";
      durationDays [1] = "2.6991";
      durationDays [2] = "3.8160";
      and so on.................................

      So if the user types in 2 I need to turn it into 2.6991 and make this into a variable!

      I'm really stuck here! please help