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    problem inserting fireworks html

    deerey Level 1
      I created a slideshow in fireworks and exported. launch in browser worked fine. in dreamweaver, i tried insert -> image object -> fireworks html and navigated to the file. but when i click ok, it says "the selected file is not in the correct format. please select an html file which was exported from fireworks." i'm using cs4 and first-time fireworks & dreamweaver user. what is causing the error?
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          Amber Smithers

          I am experiencing the exact same problem, and have been researching for serveral weeks to no avail.  Did you ever find a solution?  Thanks!

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            370H55V Level 4

            Fireworks HTML is really messy (as is Photoshop HTML) and unless you are highly proficient in HTML and back end coding to clean it up and make it work with your page(s), you'll have more trouble than it's worth.


            The concept of a drag and drop slideshow is a novel one but not very realistic.


            Look into javascriptkit or dynamic drive for slideshow scripts that are copy and paste. You'll save yourself a lot of heartaches and headaches, and probably gain a new respect for codework.