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    Flash Movie

      I have a flash movie as the intro to my website(www.arelevantministry.com) its relatively big (500K) and i wanted to know how to make it smaller because its using up alot of space. Im kinda new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          C-Rock Level 2
          most people will say in the publish setting lower your jpeg resolution. you can also go to the library and individually change the properties of your pictures. gradients and pictures are usually what makes your files large. if you're using png's where you could replace them with jpg's do it.

          however, the best solution is open photoshop if you have it, and save the image for the web. make it the exact size you need it for the export. save it as the preset jpeg medium. it will give you the smallest size and nice quality of your image.

          i do this for all my images in flash but the png's. also remember anything you can draw in flash will be smaller than exported from photoshop or elsewhere as an image.

          i haven't made a website whose entire total is over 500K. this really works.