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    H.264 performance always worst than VLC

      Does anybody knows why playing h.264 video clips using Adobe AIR designed application always worst than VLC.
      Are there any settings, configurations or code snippets that can improve the performance?
      Thanks a lot.
        • 1. H.264 performance always worst than VLC
          saveth Level 1
          I've been working with h.264 video for quite a bit recently. Here are some of my experiences using flash as the display platform. Maximizing an AIR app with h.264 video playing results in a decrease of fps. Going fullscreen helps to resolve this, I believe it's because the Flash Player in fullscreen routes the processing to your gpu. Flash Player 10 was supposed to resolve this issue by having the ability to use the gpu when not in fullscreen but I've been unsuccesful finding how to turn this on when using AIR. Enabling smoothing on the video will result in a performance hit as well.

          It all comes down to, if you can get the video to render using the GPU you're golden. Otherwise it has to use the CPU which other software running on your computer is using at the same time.