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    Problems placing icons on button components

      Hi all,

      this is one of those situations where I know I must be doing something simple wrong, but I can't figure it out!

      I have a simple form that launches several movies. I decided to use button components to launch the movies rather than making my own. Each button has its own icon (to make it look a little prettier).

      I found some instructions for this and have been following them carefully.

      i.e. setting the linkage identifier for each symbol that I want to use as a button icon, making sure that the registration point of the symbols i want to use as icons are always at the top-left of the image, etc.

      Most of them are working correctly (i.e. image correctly placed on the button at run time).

      However, the odd one displays as a blank button at the top-left of the stage, with no label or icon. If I look carefully I can see the button label flying off the stage to the right. -> its weird. All I can say is HELP!!
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          leoserra Level 2
          Hi Nicwinta,

          I was having the exactly same problem as you. I solved this way.

          First I get the icon to Photoshop to reduce the size to the same height as the button.

          Then I imported it to Flash and made a MovieClip with it inside, and changed the Linkage setting.

          This way it worked. I had only to adjust the position of the icon inside the movie clip, i.e., the registration point had to be on top center of the icon.

          This way the icon got centered in the button and aligned with the text on the right.

          Hope it helped.