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    How to do these buttons?

    Jez_interarc Level 1
      Hello i wonder if anyone could help with this please.

      I am after doing these buttons, the 1 stays highlighted and the others all fade. I could probably do just one fading but not all of them linked together, also when you click through to the tribe clips,you get a nice little animation of the clip your are about to watch.

      Have had a look here and here but no look because not sure what it is.

      I thought it might be movie clip buttons but not sure how they are all connected like that :?:

      Anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial?

      Many thanks
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          iolofato Level 1
          it seems to be a clip containing several animated clips. Each clip got on its first picture a button detecting rollover and clics. When it's clicked then it gives intructions to got on frame "x" for the main movie for example a special section in the timline where all the clip are fading out one by one and they the map clip plays. But there are really a lot of way to obtain this result... specially by action scripting or by animation tricks...