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    FLV vs SWF

    Mister Peanut Level 1

      I was wondering if anyone could clarify a few questions I have about FLV's & SWF's. As I was trying to learn about importing external video, I originally thought it would be best to have a movie container to load different movies at different depths when the user selected options from a movie menu. I thought that using the loadMovieNum would be good for SWF files as all tutorials show you how to do this.

      Here's where I'm confused. I know Flash uses FLV files and somehow converts SWF's into FLV's upon playback? Am I wrong? okay, I'm a little confused because in no tutorial does it show you how to loadMovieNum with an FLV file. For example, as far as I know, you would never see:


      but you might see:

      loadMovieNum("movie.swf", 10)

      So my biggest question is: How do you reference an FLV file, or load it into a movie clip using actionScript? What I am doing right now is importing 1 FLV video to each frame, and creating buttons that link the viewer to the specific frame that the video is in. Is this how FLV videos are used? If not, how would I go about making an FLV video player that loads different movies when a different menu item is selected?

      The video files I have are all FLV files. I want to load them either into a single video player, or into a separate frame - whichever is the best method. Is it easier to use SWF files? Mon, I'm lost.

      Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.