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    Flash Professional 8

      So here's the story. I dunno if it's familiar or not but here goes. I'm a student at McMaster university trying out Flash. Just downloaded it and installed (absolutely fine).

      So I decide "well how about I try something crazy... like turning on the program". I double-click the brand-new shiny icon on my desktop... and wait.. and wait somemore... I go to Ctrl+Alt+Del (My name is C and I am a windows user) and look at processes. There's still no window but there is "Flash.exe" hogging all of 25 MB of my memory, but it's sitting pretty at zero CPU usage. It aint budging.

      So a little about me aside from i like pina coladas but hate walking in the rain:
      Brand spanking new system
      P4-dual core
      2 GB DDR2 RAM (Kingston)
      2 250 GB Hard drives (SATA)
      ATI X1300 (512 MB)

      If there's anything more you think will help u figure this one out, just lemme know.

      Thanks for your time guys,
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          If you have 2GB RAM, then how is it you have only 25 MB memory left for Flash to "hog"? You must have around ten thousand widgets and custom themes and desktops and 400 chat windows and 3 music players and several videos and at least 3 PC games all going at the same time for something like that to happen. If you're student age, then I'm guessing this is very likely the case. My son (a bit younger than you) finally learned that to get his favorite creative program (Photoshop) to work on a computer that has higher specs than yours, he had to get rid of all that razzle dazzle stuff.

          Yes, if your computer's memory gets low, Flash will hang.
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            Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
            Some times it happend to me when I run Flash, simply the Flash does not appear in the task bar and I have to do Alt+Tab to switch to it. If this does not solve the problem, try to restart your machine or reinstall then Flash.

            Hope this helps
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              C-Sinner Level 1
              To be honest, Walter... I'm a little insulted.
              firstly I've deactivated everything on my comp, I never run more then one program at a time except when I'm surfing the internet and lets exclude that I listen to music while doing work. I'm in Computer Science, and I do enjoy getting every bit of performance out of my machine.

              I understand where you're coming from as most people these days seem to have an almost absurd relationship with aesthetics way over performance. I assure that I am not one of these people. When I say "hogging" it was a form of sarcasm. When I use Visual Studio, or other professional development studios, i notice usage of over 100MB up to 300 or 400 MB. So when I start a program, and wonder if it's loading or not one of the things I look for is it's current memory usage, if it's moving (up or down) and the CPU usage. Considering that Flash stabilizes at 25MB and CPU usage is at zero (and that 5 minutes have passed and no change) I assume that Flash has either finished loading (although obviously incorrectly) or it's stuck somewhere in the load process, perhaps made a blocking call to a non-responsive part of my system.

              I have disabled all the useless Windows services to bring down my memory usage (yes I know this does very little for memory, but I just don't like thinking there are things running that I don't need (and that's why I don't use Macs :P).

              Currently with IE on, MSN messenger, and AVG antivirus, I am using up 210MB of my 2GB of RAM. So I assure you that the fault is not in low memory. I apologize if my sarcasm lead you to believe this.


              thanks for the suggestions, however none of those worked. Alt+Tab doesn't register any other windows, Restarting my computer and re-installing appears to have no effect.

              To be honest I've been having a few problems since I got this computer tho, so I'm going to chalk it up to that. I'll have the manufacturer give it a look thru and if they give me one of those bullsh-t responses like "you shouldnt install third-party programs" i'll get a refund and buy a computer that can handle 'third-party programs'. My old computer had no problems with this stuff and it had less then half the specs of this comp.

              Thanks for your time and consideration,
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                Walter Elias Level 2
                Sorry for the insult. Seriously, you might try disabling your firewall and anti-virus while starting Flash the first time. Most apps these days automatically try to connect to the Internet during startup, especially on initial install. So it's possible Flash is being silently blocked. I had this issue once with another program.

                Flash is a fun app, even for old farts like me. It's worth the trouble to install.
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                  C-Sinner Level 1
                  Thanks Walter, that's a good idea.

                  I'll give her a go. In any case I am taking this computer to be checked out and will probably get her replaced because of all of the other issues I seem to be having with her.

                  Thanks for your time and consideration,