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    A Search under "CES" or "CCS" hard coded to not work?

      I have an IS Support Group at my company called "CES" (Clinical Equipment Services). When I search for this name "CES" in Robohelp i get zero results under any WebHelp output that I compile. HTML help however, gives me a result. I've tested a few similar character strings and get the following results:

      NOTE: there are NO stop words / ignore words in any of these projects. You get the same result when starting from scratch.

      cas = ok
      cbs = ok
      ccs = no result
      ces = no result
      cfs = ok
      cgs = ok

      Any guesses? I really want this to work!
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          Roger N Level 2
          johnwmpls5555 -

          Actually, yes.

          Webhelp strips any "S" or "ES" from the end of the search term when launching the search. It saves it from having to search for both singular and plural versions of a term.

          To fix this, you first have to make sure your term gets added to the search tables;

          1) Create a unique substitute, or placeholder for the term; use something like "CESbebop" for every instance of "CES"
          2) Generate the Webhelp.
          3) Use a multi-file search-n-replace program like RePlaceEm to swap out the strange word "CESbebop" with your own "CES", in all the generated Webhelp files, including the search tables.

          Second, you modify the script; here is the array that holds the list of suffixes, to make exceptions to those plural terms.

          First, look in the whlang.js to find the gaFtsStem[] array, and notice the "es" and "s" elements ( gaFtsStem[1] and gaFtsStem[4]) - we will have to find the script that uses them, and create an exception for those terms.

          In the whfhost.js file, you'll see the function GetStem() to allow your special terms (szWord) to pass unmolested. Create an exception for your terms (if szWord = "ces"....), so it doesn't try to trim it to singular when launching the search...

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            This looks like a good idea, but also something I will have to run everytime generate (which is 5 times a week). Do you know off hand if adding a synonym(s) through Robohelp Professional (which we are considering purchasing) would resolve this?


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              Roger N Level 2
              John -

              I couldn't say, as I don't have any experience with RH Pro. Perhaps someone else can chime in here. All I can say for sure is that it has a different search mechanism, and this fix would not likely work for RH Pro.

              As far as repeating the modification every time you generate, it isn't really a problem. I use ReplaceEm, at:


              ... to insert the modifications I need. And, you can save your Search-n-Replaces, to repeat again after each generation. It's free, easy to use, and very fast.