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    _level or Depth

    mrmille Level 1

      I got three mc's that got the same size and same position. All i want them to do is to switch when i click on some buttons.

      lets say i got


      When i klick on the "a" button mcA appears
      When i klick on the "b" button mcB appears
      When i klick on the "c" button mcC appears

      However, if i click the "a" button again mcA wont show up.

      I've tried with
      _root.mcA._level = 10;
      _root.mcB._level = 0;
      _root.mcC._level = 0;

      I've tried pretty much all kinds of commands (as swapDepth) and nothing work...
      Anyone who has an idea?

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          mrmille Level 1
          if ound this code and it did the trick

          //array of all Movie Clips
          MC_array = new Array("MC1", "MC2","MC3")

          SetMCHighestDepth = function(SelectedMC)
          HighestDepthMCIndex = 0 //index of highest tab
          HighestDepthMCTemp = this[MC_array[0]].getDepth() //highest temp depth
          for (i = 0; i < MC_array.length ; i++) //searching for 'highest' MC Tab
          if(this[MC_array ].getDepth() > HighestDepthMCTemp)
          HighestDepthMCIndex = i
          HighestDepthMCTemp = this[MC_array