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    Flash 8 crashing upon opening Actionscript panel

    Brhaynes75 Level 1
      Someone please help, I have buit an animation and can't apply the stop action to my final frame so the animation just replays over and over. BIG PROBLEM.

      Console saying:

      Jul 19 20:23:22 Brad-Haynes-Computer crashdump[230]: Flash crashed
      Jul 19 20:23:24 Brad-Haynes-Computer crashdump[230]: crash report written to: /Users/brad/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Flash.crash.log

      Flash.crash.log saying: (last few crashes)

      0xc2000000 - 0xc21c9fff Xerces /Applications/Macromedia Flash 8/Flash 8.app/Contents/Frameworks/Xerces.framework/Versions/A/Xerces
      0xc3000000 - 0xc3017fff com.macromedia.NetIO NetIO v1.0 (1.0) /Applications/Macromedia Flash 8/Flash 8.app/Contents/Frameworks/NetIO.framework/Versions/A/NetIO
      0xc7000000 - 0xc7025fff CoreTypes.dylib /Applications/Macromedia Flash 8/Flash 8.app/Contents/MacOS/CoreTypes.dylib

      thanks in advance,

      oh, and the only other person i found mentioning how to fix a similiar problem said when their fonts (in suitcase) were turned off, the crash occured, when the fonts were activated, no crash. does this make any sense? which font do you think actionscripting would need?