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    Background Problem of Bitmap set to W3D

      Ok, I have posted about this issue a while back but it was never resolved. I have a program that allows the user to select from a list of objects. The list consists of several different W3D models that are imported into my 3D cast member after a mouseUp event. There is another list that consists of different images (JPEGS) that import into a cast member called pattern. After they are imported, they are applied as a texture to the current W3D model. I have the background set to transparent, and the DTS is off. The program works fine as you go through and click different textures, they are applied to the model which is overlayed on a background I created. My issue comes when I try to print the scene. To print, I set the image of the 3D cast member to a bitmap called "Imageholder." Once this occurs, for all but one of the W3D models I am working with, a background color is filled in the bitmap image of the Imageholder and it is no longer transparent. The sprite of the member "Imageholder" I set the background to transparent as well. It has to be an issue with the export of the W3D model but I don't know what to change. Please help, and thank you in advance.