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    help with a triangle

    printbox Level 1
      i can´t manage to do this animation, all i get is a strange rotation with center in one of the sides, i know i can do 2 frames animations and just that. but i need to do one that uses frames for all movement.
      I know it probably is a easy one.
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          ravich9 Level 1
          Not able to understand what exactly is the problem you are facing. Paste the URL of the file to look into....

          In general Modify > Transform > Flip Vertical is used to flip any object.

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            printbox Level 1
            I know that... i want to animate that action... the animation should be the flip of the triangle
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              Gabe_Persaud Level 1
              first make your triangle a movie clip and then motion tween it
              to have it flip. if you're flipping it vertically: get the height of the triangle and copy it.
              then in the other keyframe put the same triangle but with the free transform drag it to the left so it has been flipped. you will need another tween like this so it will rotate a full 360* if you didn't get it the exact height wich is very likely then paste the same height that you copied. to do this vertically do the same thing