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    Active Content Template Problem

      I am using Flash 8 and Dreamweaver 8 with the lovely insta fix built into Dreamweaver. Most of the time it is fine but on three sites now I have had an issue where flash on the template stopped displaying. All I get is a white box where it should have been. The browser (IE6) appears to be trying to load something but never finishes.

      I have looked at the code links to the script and they seem to be correctly updated on the actual pages. If I preview the template it works but the same flash on the linked html pages does not work.

      If I apply flash to the html pages directly it works. I just can't get flash on templates to work.

      I have had it working on a template linked to html properly on some sites. On the busted sites it has been working but I suspect when there is flash in the editable region it somehow busts the template flash and changes the script somehow as even deleting all the active content fixes and reapplying won't fix it.

      It is wasting a huge amount of time for me trying to fix it so I hope someone can at least tell me if there is or isn't a solution.