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    Error 1606

      This happened to me when I was installing RoboHelp 7 on Windows Vista. The exact error read like this:

      Error 1606.Could not access network location Documents\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 7.

      Turns out, this only happened to me when I was installing RoboHelp to a machine with it's Users folder moved to the D drive at install time. Now, there is either a problem in my registry, or a problem with RoboHelp because instead of discovering the Public Documents directory on my D drive, RoboHelp complained about there being no Documents folder. I'm inclined to believe the problem is with RoboHelp since I couldn't find anything hard coded into my registry, and it's the only program I've had problems with.

      The error message was certainly lacking any details, but I was able to discover the problem by trial and error. The work around was to create a Users folder in the C drive, then create a Public Folder in that, and finally a Documents folder within that. Your final hierarchy of folder should appear as C:\Users\Public\Documents. It doesn't matter if this is actually a documents folder, RoboHelp doesn't check that carefully. It simply wants to copy a bunch of help and sample files here. Of course it's kind of stupid about it and ends up with its files in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 7. I just moved these files manually to D:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 7. I figure RoboHelp will complain about it at some point, but hopefully I can point it to the new location.