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    beb0 Level 1
      Help please;
      I created a login page and it is working fine. Now what I'm trying to do is to display the user that is logged in into the index page. Any help please???
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          The username is a session variable: #SESSION.MM_Username#

          You should be able to use this along with <cfoutput> to display the username.
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            azadisaryev Level 1
            which variable, if any, is available inside the session scope for the logged-in user's username depends on which login framework you are employing. it is not necessarily going to be session.mm_username at all...

            if you are employing CF7's login framework using <cflogin> and <cfloginuser> tags, the variable holding the username will be (again, likely, but not necessarily) #session.j_username#

            if you are employing a custom-made login framework, it is impossible to say whihch var holds your user's username without seeing your user authorization code... post it here and we will be able to help.