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    How to resize all the items when program window is resized?

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      I want to realize the resizing function of all items when the program(projector exe) window is resized. For example, when the maximum button is pressed, the program window become full screen. I want all the items in the movie become larger by proportion.
      I want to use this method: reset all the rects of sprites. So my 1st question:
      1) How to get the total number of sprite in a frame? which funtion(or attribute)?

      I think it must do the resizing work in all frames(at least all keyframes), because some sprites have animation on them. So my 2nd question:
      2) How to get the number of keyframe? And How to reference the sprites(or the rect data of them) in these keyframe?
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          Scaling sprites one by is probably not the way to go...

          Director's not great at scaling on te fly. But it can be sone.

          You main content can be played in a movie in a window, with (the
          stage).visible = false, there must be a loop script in the stage movie.

          Changing both the rect and the drawrect properties of the miaw forces
          director to rescale the movie on the fly to the rect size you specify.

          One quick way to preview the scale results is to publish to shockwave
          with the fit browser window option selected.