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    help with content editing


      I am just starting to learn the program and have a simple question. If I have a manual that needs to have some formatting done to it, is it easier to do it in word or to do it in RoboHelp?

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          maniac9999 Level 1
          If it's just a manual, not a help project, I would do it in Word. If it's a help project, do it in RoboHelp. Sorry this is such a simple answer, but you didn't provide much in the way of background.
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            I recommend using RoboHelp: 1. You get familar with the program 2. Creating separate topics in RoboHelp will help you better organize and update your data. 3. RoboHelp allows you to create a word document/manual (in Word) of your project and you don't have to mess with creating and updating the table of contents in Word.