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    Search feature

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      I have a Director presentation on CD-ROM that includes a search field. The search somehow seems to be limited to searching only certain parts of the file's text. For instance, a search will turn up relivant product numbers but ignore other nummerical values like a product's measurement. Does Director have a search feature built into the app or is there an Xtra that provides this feature? There's a file on the CD called search.dir that may be relevant.
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          Lingo has a number of text searching features built in. Look at the
          "start", "contains" and "index of" operators. Lingo also a number of
          functions for walking through a chunk of text. Look at chars(),
          length(). Keywords: char... of, word... of, item... of.

          All of these can be used to build a text search function.

          The textCruncher xtra is a great text search and/or replace xtra.

          Rob Dillon
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            Using lingo one would have to parce each text/field member one by one.
            You probably would want to have a predefined lsit of members to search.

            The offset function might be the fastest way to search large texts. This
            avoids parcing text word by word.
            Finding multiple instances within a single member can be tricky, it
            may require cutting out the text from start to found text, in order to
            allow the next instance to be found.