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    Remote Call Object too big?

      I'm using data services on an application and I have a remote call that is getting hung up before it invokes a call to the server. I've modified the function to pass a String and that works fine but when I'm trying to pass a large object the "invoke" event is never thrown by the remote object when I use the large object in my remote call.

      Is there a size limit for objects being passed as function parameters?
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          Peter Farland Level 3
          How did you generate or load the data in the first place? Are you using DataService or RemoteObject? Any idea how big this object is in terms of bytes or numbers of members of an Array, etc? Are you using ArrayCollection or just plain old Array? Does it make a difference if you switch between the two? If it's RemoteObject, have you considered setting makeObjectsBindable to false to see if it makes a difference?

          There are theoretical limitations to certain data types but they would be hard to reach, it would most likely be a circular dependency somewhere that is breaking serialization. While circular references are supported, custom serialization using IExternalizable may circumvent reference checking based on the custom encoding format.

          Note out of interest that based on AMF encoding you are limited to around 256MB for an individual String or ByteArray, around 256 million unique object or string instances (as reoccuring instances are sent by reference), around 256 million array entries, around 33 million property names on an object, etc.
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            kicker165 Level 1
            I fixed my problem, but I think it might mean something else underlying was going wrong. I had an ArrayCollection of custom objects that also had a couple ArrayCollections of custom Objects. For some reason one of the inner collections wasn't getting turned into its "AS clone" when I retrieved the object from the server. So when I tried to use that same object to pass back to the server the app would freeze even before the remoteobject call. After I was able to force the correct object type it ran fine.
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              Peter Farland Level 3
              I'd be very interested in tracking down this exact issue if you have the time to send me some code that would reproduce the issue (or at least perhaps a dump of the object graph to explain the relationship between the collections, inner and outer, and the custom objects).

              You can email it to me at pfarland@adobe.com if you like.