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    Is Adobe Director the software for me?

      Dear programmers and developers.

      I have a small project, and I would like to know, if Director is suited for me to do this work. I am to make a small CD-presentation containing a catalogue for a small music-booking agency.
      I have thought it out as a small non-web self-running CD application, containing: A small custom flash intro,(splash-screen) a main program window with no frame containing overview of content and custom made buttons referring to sub-menues. In the submenus, id like the possibility to run audio-files in an background internal audio player, controlled by custom audio navigation buttons in every submenu. And since it is a PRmedia project, I need it to be as graphical as possible.

      I have basic knowledge in programming and design tools, but would prefer to work from some sorts of templates.

      I sincerely hope to hear from you, friendly Director users, if you could take out a ittle time to answer my question.
      Best regards
      Alexander benjamin