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    Datagrid to Email form

      To cut a long story short I'm collecting data in a datagrid and need to pass it to a simple ASP form. I'm collecting a group of filenames from items dropped into the datagrid, how would I format that to pass to a message field in a form. Is there a way to collect the data and pass it all as one???

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Sure, lots of ways.

          Simplest would be to for loop over the dataProvider and build a comma delimited list. Pass that via HTTPService to the ASP page, using either POST or GET.
          var oRequest:Object = {data:sCommaDelimitedString}

          In the asp page just do:
          dim data = Request("data"). That'll get either form/post or querystring/get

          Or build an xml string.

          Or create a separate name=value pair for each value you want to send.

          Your choice.

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            Richard_Hughes Level 1

            Ok, I didn't understand how that works. This is what I'm attempting to do:
            I have a datagrid filled with data from an arraycollection( that pulls from XML List), I have created another datagrid that holds the items someone has dragged into it from the filled list. I only need one of the data columns of information to pass to the form e.g. "filenames". I imagine this is done by creating an array of data from just that field when something is added to this "new datagrid" ???

            I have tried on this, there is plenty of documentation for passing data to a datagrid, but very little for vice versa