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    FlashPaper API Help

    joseph skelly
      I have been researching FlashPaper and I downloaded the trial version, but I cannot determine how to use the API. I can't even figure out where it is in the FlashPaper program files. Resources I have consulted include the FlashPaper Documentation and the FlashPaper Article "Importing FlashPaper 2 Documents into Macromedia Flash and Using the FlashPaper API". Neither of these explains clearly how to access the API and as I do not have the Flash authoring environment, I cannot see for myself how it works. Is the FlashPaper API only available in the Flash authoring environment?
      Thank you for your help,
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          The trouble with FlashPaper API is that it can only be used after you a purchased a Flash development environment, also you may find that when you import a flashpaper document into another flash movie, the behaviour of the interface will be very different with respect to the zoom function and the proporationality of the flashpaper window as you resize the browser may look strange.

          I found this web site: https://www.zanzibarfiction.com/shop/
          they sell flashpaper plugins with a removed print or select buttons.
          Also they have these different color schemes for Flashpaper to match your web site theme - awesome! The plugins can be installed very easily into your flashpaper installation. Check it out.