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    Audio Files "Stacking Up" on certain slides

      Working on a movie...200 slides...have listened to the audio file and sounds fine...each slide shows an audio clip attached and each file can be played slide by slide. However, when I publish the movie as a .exe file or even F4 to preview the movie, the audio is a mess...the audio continues while the slides hang up. I printed the bandwidth summary...and it shows in the audio column (for example) 940.8 KB on one slide with 0.0 KB on the next 7 slides, 228.6 KB on next slide with following 5 slides 0.0.

      I checked the settings..."Pause until user clicks" is UNchecked. I have numerous click boxes on the slides (and it does seem to be those that are "collecting" the audio files), but all of these are displayed for "rest of slide" and do not require a click. I'm using these in a TOC on the left side to "Jump to" other slides. And mysteriously...probably something I'm doing wrong...it is the slides designated as "Jump to" slides that have the 940.8 KB of audio, etc. Not one of them is 0.0.

      Any ideas on how I can unscrew this mess?


      B J
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello B J


          Originally posted by: bjspeed
          Working on a movie...200 slides...

          The first thing that I would recommend is to try split the movie into a series of smaller pieces. I know that this isn't what you will want to hear but in general, Captivate does not handle this volume of slides well.

          Another point that you might like to consider, is that a movie of this size and ulitmately length might be considered information over-load for your prospective learners.

          If spliting the movie into a series of movies doesn't make any difference then please post each of the files and I (or another of my fellow ACE's) will be happy to take a look.

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            bjspeed Level 1
            I created a new movie, imported 50 of the 200 slides from the original movie, removed all audio files, re-recorded, and the same thing is happening. I'll be happy to post the file for you to look at...how/where do I do that?

            Thanks for your help!
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              macrofireball Level 3
              Hello bjspeed,

              Please forgive the tardiness of my reply. I have been snowed under working on a new Captivate project and have not been able to get to the forums since my last post. Could you post these on your web server with a link for me to download them? If not then contact me off-list and I will provide you with an email address you could use to send them as a number of attachments