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    "Error opening URL" when loading JPG to MC


      Hi my name is Dana ,I have this problem with my website that I can't seem to solve...I will appreciate any help...thanks :)

      Basicall my site is a gallary to display JPG's
      There is a menu to select the topic and then all the relevant JPGs are displayed.

      I'm loading the names of the JPGs from an XML I created.
      Then I duplicate a simple mc that I created called holder_mc .
      I have 4 col X 3 rows = total 12 holder_mcS in one page.
      So far so good...but the problem begins when I you go back to the main menu and try to upload a new set of JPGs.
      Then an error appears and nothing is displayed:
      " http://www.whatever..../reception/0649.JPG"
      Error opening URL
      I tried to remove the movie clips using - removeMovieClip(_root["holder_mc"+i])
      but I get the same problem.

      Is someone familiar with this problem?