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    Playing Quicktime 3D movie in Director

      I have couple of 3D quicktime movies (.mov) and wanted to know how to plug them inside director movie (either by importing them inside director or by dynamic linking) for CD based project and then give user control for rotating, zoon-in, zoom-out effects to these movies.

      I am new to Director and know only basics (Have fair idea about Flash).

      Any sugessions/ tutorial are welcome..

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          You shouldn't need anything more than QT installed on the machines you're distributing to. QTVR is played back through the QT Player. If you import a QTVR movie (panorama or object) into Director and place it on the stage, it should show up with the appropriate controls (zoom, pan, etc.) when you play the Director movie.

          You do also have scripting control over the QTVR sprite and member. Take a look at the Script window's Contextual Lingo listings for Media > Quicktime VR. But if you just need to provide standard QTVR controls, all you need to do is plop it on the stage. Video in Director is still a lot easier to deal with than video in Flash. At least for now. :)