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    What can you do with Color Lookup Tables (CLUT) and other ranges.?


      Ok.... I might be repeating something.... but someone suggested to post this as it hasn't be answered....

      Anyway I'm curious on what you can do with Color Lookup Tables (CLUT) in Fireworks.... I've been looking for details on CLUT, but have only found information on what it's all about....

      Alright, to the point, I'm kind of having some trouble on what to do period with them....in the optimize panel in Fireworks I saved the Palette, of all the colors I wanted (or so it seemed, idk), and made it so it would be for a PNG 32 file... *is this suppose to be an .act file too?*.... I then took the image to have the colors replaced to the ones I saved in the custom color table... so I tried loading the .act file I had saved, that had the colors I made for the other image, but nothing happened... so I tried doing other various types of files..... I tried doing it as a .gif, and it work.... but the thing is I don't want it to be a gif... and yes, it is kind of vague, but I really don't know what to really do....

      Is there only certain ways that you can load up CLUT files into different pictures...?? I want this picture to be a .png file too, so is there any way to save the color palette, and load them into these type of files..?? or it can't be done with them..??

      overal, I want this image to be .png files... is there any tutorial or info on this..?? it would be quite helpful...

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          AarokBomB wrote:

          > Is there only certain ways that you can load up CLUT files into different
          > pictures...??

          Choose File > Image Preview > Options tab. Set the format type to PNG 8,
          GIF, TIFF 8, or BMP 8. Click on the small button to the right of the
          Format drop down menu to open the tab options menu. Choose Load Palette
          and browse to the .act palette you you have saved. Clock on OK to accept
          the changes and close the dialog box. The imported color table will be
          applied to the image.

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