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    Flash Player: IE 6.0 vs. Mozilla Firefox

      When I use IE 6.0, the Flash Player just won’t work. I currently use IE 6.0.2800.1106CO SP1. Service Pack 1 is recommend for Windows 2000 which I am using. I tried anything from the Adobe FAQs:

      -system requirements: ok
      -removed Flash Player using the uninstall file from Adobe (all browser windows closed)
      -repaired IE
      -removed and reinstalled IE
      -installed latest version of Flash Player
      -IE: the security level is set at medium: “Download signed ActiveX Controls” and “Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins” are enabled
      -permissions: ok
      -edited the registry removing the folder “Safe Verions”
      -manually removed the kill bit entry from the registry

      The Flash Player did not work one single time when I tried it on the test page of Adobe. Just the quotation mark appeared. When I browse a site which requires Flash Player, i can just see the broken icon symbol. However, IE does not request to download Flash Player (The IE setting: “Install on demand” is enabled).

      All the control panel displays is: “Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX”. But no file size is shown.

      In Mozilla Firefox, the Flash Player works fine.

      Any ideas how to get Flash Player work with IE? I appreaciate any help.