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    Contribute Cannot Find Website

      Contribute is installed on 2 client systems on a network. 1 system can access the site perfectly using Contribute whereas the other stats "Cannot find website" when attempting to setup the connection, this occurs when doing it manually or by using an connection key sent by the administrator account on the other system.

      The system that fails to connect can both ping the website and access it in IE. It can also gain FTP access in IE.

      We have uninstalled Contribute and reinstalled it and it still fails.

      Any ideas ?
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          AndrewDG-MMTS Level 1
          Hi GSteer,

          1. What operating system are you running on the two machines? Are they running the same operating system?

          2. Have you tried testing for software conflicts? Try to shutdown any other applications running when launching Contribute and see if you still get the same issues.

          3. Are you running any firewall apps? Have you tried disabling them? If you are using Windows XP SP 2, try to disable the built-in firewall as well.

          4. Does the issue happen to any site connection in Contribute? Have you tried connecting to a different site?

          5. Try to follow other relevant steps on the TechNote below.

          Troubleshooting Contribute connection problems:

          Hope this helps.