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    Big Project Planning


      I'm developing what will one day be a large help system. The final version will be hosted as Welp Pro from a dedicated server. It will contain several thousand topics and provide access to a variety files, including Excel, PDF, Flash videos, etc.

      With such a large project in mind, should I start with seperate merged projects?

      Also, with so many extra files, and the final project stretching into gigabytes, is the final output going to be stable?

      Will searching the output be at all useful?

      Thanks for your help - Nick
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Nick and welcome to the RH forums. With a project that size I'd efinitely use merged projects for my sanity if for no other reason. Managing a project that size would potentially mean a lot of linking of various types between files and it would be easier to do if they were in manageable chunks. Also if you have a project with thousands of topics with the associates links, images, etc. you'll need to open up your project, go and make a cup of coffee, drink it and if you are lucky it may be open by the time you next look at your screen . As far as your output is concerned, I know of authors with output exceeding 10K files and they have no problems with its stability. Ditto searching.