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    severe problems with "antiAliasType = advanced"

      i've got a dynamic flash movie that has a lot of timeline text fields and a ton of dynamically created text fields. all of the content is loaded from various XML files. to improve readability, i thought that i'd use advanced antialiasing, but i'm having problems:

      1. flash (the application and player!) crashes when i'm previewing the movie. doesn't happen at all when the normal antialiasing is used.
      2. the text has a lot of graphical "glitches" when the text field's parent MC has "cacheAsBitmap = true" or if it's rotated dynamically.

      i would trade the enhanced reability for removing the functionality that causes the gliches, but i can't live with it crashing the app 9 of 10 times.

      anyone had these problems? know of a solution? is it the fonts i'm using? computer? display driver?!!