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    quicktime qtvr converted to flash panos

      I'm working with a web project with some qtvr on it, but i have some troubles with the quicktime new releases, and i have to make the users to install quicktime if they don't have it installed. I use pano2qtvr software to make the panoramic views, and the last release has a new flash exporter option, so i have a panoramic view in flash; the problem now is that i don't know how to interact or call the pan and tilt options of this panoflash; i wrote some lines in the pano2qtvr forum asking for some help, but since they don't know director, i receive this

      "Hmm... I don't know director but the Flash Panorama has a global Object "pano" with the methode "setPan(value)", "setTilt(value)" and "setFoV(value)" so a call to


      i've tried this, but doesn't work, any idea?