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    Canvas content showEffect

    Carlos Eduardo Garza Level 1
      How to show / hide in sequence the content of two canvas in a viewStack ??

      i try something like this witout results. Thnx

      <mx:Canvas label="dos" width="100%" height="100%" hideEffect="Fade" >
      <mx:Fade target="{imageB1}" duration="3000"/>
      <mx:Fade target="{imageB2}" duration="3000"/>
      <mx:Fade target="{imageB3}" duration="3000"/>
      <mx:Fade target="{imageB4}" duration="3000"/>
      <mx:Fade target="{imageB5}" duration="3000"/>
      <mx:Image id="imageB1" source="assets/images/21.png" />
      <mx:Image id="imageB2" source="assets/images/24.png" />
      <mx:Image id="imageB3" source="assets/images/23.png" />
      <mx:Image id="imageB4" source="assets/images/25.png" />
      <mx:Image id="imageB5" source="assets/images/22.png" />