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    Glossary does not appear in merged project

    MPizanti Level 1

      I am using RHX5 to produce help in HTML chm format. I have 14 separate projects which are merged into a master project, due to a bug in RH in which the table of contents does not display correctly I use HTML Help Workshop to compile the master project.
      One of the 14 projects has glossary entries and so far I have been unable to make the glossary entries appear in the master project when it is compiled in HTML Help Workshop.

      I have registered the hhactivex.dll.
      I checked the glossary checkbox in the windows setup in both the individual project and the master and I added a glossary entry to the master project.

      When I compile the project using RH then all the glossary entries appear but the table of contents is messed up.
      When I compile the project using HTML Help Workshop then only the single glossary entry from the master project appears.

      Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Morven. When you say your TOC is messed up are you referring to the problem where the merged projects appear as a book within a book? If so, click here for a method to get around it and use RH to compile your output. If this is not the problem to which you refer, I'll crawl back under my stone.
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            MPizanti Level 1
            Hi Colum,

            The TOC problem is that everything appears at one level - books and topics. I first hit this TOC problem a couple of years ago and tried messing around with the </ul> tag - but never got it to work so the advice then and the easiest solution was just to compile it in HTML Helpworkshop. We have a release this Friday and next so I will try the link to the method you suggest after these two releases. The glossary issue is new for me as until now I did not have a glossary in the merged project.