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    Need Help about PrintJob from ScrollPane Content

      Hi Everybody,

      I'm developing a Flash Application which helps to create Catalog Building like FlipBook. Where I am using ScrollPane to hold the content of the catalog. I mean it contains number of pages depends on the catalog. Here I need to provide Print option. Where user can select Range of pages (print from page to page) by providing two dropdown boxes one is for from and the other is for to selections. Presently I am able to print the scrollPane content using attached script. But the problem is the output of printJob is not exactly fit to the complete page.

      I'm able to solve the above issue by loading the external swf file into the main swf file. But here the problem is the catalog contains hundread's of pages which are at high resolution. So if I have to load the entire swf file for every print request given by user(even for a single page print).

      could anybody please suggest me to solve this issue. Its a bit urgent. please llok at the attached code.

      Thanks in Advance