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    Code ceases working after months, PC only


      Apologies for the cross post.

      We have a project that is running on Mac and PC, swf's that are loaded into a Director player. They were published November/December 2005 in Flash MX. All Director Xtras are packaged and installed with the project, as are four libraries necessary to create a fast start projector.

      The swf's tally some results in an object, which is passed to a method that creates a string. The break is in the method, where I do a split and check the result (tmpvar == "TM"). The project was professionally QA'd, as well as inhouse, and by our client. We also have a good store of data from the time the project was launched until late July that shows the work has been functioning without a hitch.

      We received reports that the swf's stopped successfully reporting late July/early August, only on some PC's, and only PCs running WinXP (not all, either). Has anyone else had a project that has inexplicably gone awry in the last month or two? I am able to replicate the problem only through the Director authoring environment (the project runs fine here on XP, of course), but as soon as I republish one of the offending swf's, the issue is resolved.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing such an issue? We are facing having to reburn a GM and redistribute new CD's, a quite expensive exercise.