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    Large swf problem

      My problem is this:
      I am making a series of language lessons in flash for my school to use. Because the lessons contain sound and some animation, the resulting swf file is quite big- about 15mb. So when a class of 30 all access the file on the internet at the same time it takes ages to load. It does need to be on the net because I want to make it available to other schools. I suppose I could chop it up, but I don't have the knowledge to make them play in a sequence.
      Can anyone suggest a solution? I'd be very grateful and I'll send you the finished result if you're interested in learning Spanish.
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          TimSymons Level 1
          This sounds like it is more of a slow server issue that it is a Flash file issue. However, to make the initial load smaller, you could leave you audio files external instead of importing them in to the Flash file.

          Also, if your animations are self-contained (meaning that they do not depend on the anything else if the main Flash file) you could setup code to load them as needed too. If they do depend on the main Flash file then it may not be worth the effort.

          You should also look into the server that is servering the files. There might be some settings you can change to help improve its performance.