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    Intel MacBook Pro & Flash Pro


      Is Flash 8 Pro compatible with the newest Mac's? I'm running the Intel based MacBook Pro trying the Flash Pro app to see if I want to buy it. It seems like something is a bit of. Perhaps it's me...

      A 21 minute 21 secomd movie exported from Final Cut Pro as an uncompressed 10 bit NTSC (.mov) is taking over 30 hours to convert to a .FLV file (medium setting within the Flash video converter).

      The output size is equal the beginning size: 720/ 480. The file size is about 35 gig. Doesn't this seem like a long time to convert a file to .FLV? Because I haven't used Flash converter before I don't have any idea.

      Please let me know. Xpeditions@mac.com

      Best Wishes
      Jerry Wills