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    CFGRID and Coldfusion.Navigate js error


      I am having a problem with cfgrid and coldfusion.navigate.

      I bind to the call with <cfajaxproxy bind="javascript:onProductGridSelect({claims_grid.type})">

      the following works

      ColdFusion.navigate('/#request.siteContext.dsn#/app_templates/corepagelets/claims/claim_d etails/claim_summary.cfm?q=' + q);

      but when i add the container "all" i get javascript errors.

      ColdFusion.navigate('/#request.siteContext.dsn#/app_templates/corepagelets/claims/claim_de tails/claim_summary.cfm?q=' + q,'all');

      the javascript errors i experience are as follows

      in IE: run time error line 11

      from what i can figure out its to do with cfgrid.js