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    Window layout in HTML Help

      I have test generated compiled HTML output from my project and appear to be getting an extraneous caption bar in the contents tab. This caption bar allows movement of the TOC, which I do not want. I have found the Window properties dialog but cannot see the option I need to change. The preview is not showing any more of the window than the main caption bar. Does anyone know how to remove this caption bar.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Can you confirm what you mean by "caption bar" and exactly how this allows "movement of the TOC"? You make it sound like the caption bar is an integral part of the TOC itself.
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            C_Stewart Level 1
            Hi Colum,
            Thanks for looking at this. Within the Contents tab the list of contents items is inside what looks like a mini window with a blue caption bar at the top of it, just like the caption bar at the top of the main window this blue bar can be dragged around. This gives me a mobile table of contents. I am hoping to get the list of contents sitting on its own within the tab.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              This is not something I've seen before. The only thing I can think of is that there has been some sort of script that has bee added to the window. If you click on the Advanced Properties button of the window is anything specified there? Also is this problem defined to just one project or one PC?
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                AuthorAnne Level 1
                Hi guys,

                I've just checked my chm files and have exactly the same behaviour. With the two most recently compiled files, the table of contents can be moved around within the left pane. With a couple of older files, plus those downloaded some time ago from RoboWizard's site, this doesn't happen - there's no blue caption bar present. Odd.

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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  I compiled all my help files on Friday and none of them have this problem. Is this to do with a windows update or something of that ilk? I saw there were some available (Friday or Monday) but haven't downloaded them.
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                    AuthorAnne Level 1
                    Seems to be in the properties for the SSL.

                    Open the properties, click the Advanced button, select TOC Styles, and deselect Dialog Frame. That seems to make it go away.

                    It must have been like that all the time, and I never noticed! You live and learn.

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                      RoboColum(n) Level 5
                      Hi Anne. I'm glad you have got this sorted but I've just tried added this option and I don't get the behaviour you and C Stewart described. Maybe a combination of different advanced options? Do you have other properties selected? Also it is default behaviour NOT to select any advanced options so they'd have had to be manually set by someone in the past.
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                        C_Stewart Level 1
                        Thank you both,
                        Anne, your fix worked for me.
                        Colum, I have no idea what or when I might have changed in this project, and it could only have been me.
                        Other options that are checked in the Advanced dialog for the SSL properties are: Border, Line from Root, Plus/Minus Squares, Always Show Selection, Lines Between Items, Single Click to Open Books and Raised Edge.
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                          RoboColum(n) Level 5
                          Ok. I've managed to reproduce this problem but ONLY if I set the window properties via the single source layout. If I set the "dlg frame" option from the Window properties in the Project tab, nothing happens. I'd say this is worth reporting to Adobe as a bug via this link.
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                            RoboWizard Level 4
                            Hi all

                            Wow, wish I'd been up earlier! I could have saved gobs of frustration it seems. But I'm glad you all got it sorted.

                            So why am I posting? Well, I wanted to advise that this most certainly isn't any form of bug that needs to be reported. The properties Colum sees for the Window settings are just that. They affect the window defined for the help system. The properties that were at issue here are special styles that can be applied directly to the Table of Contents. It may be a bit confusing, particularly given that the TOC resides inside the window, and that the property at play is named identically.

                            Unfortunately, I cannot offer any clue as to how or why this got changed. I do know that what governs it is an entry in the .HHP file. That entry uses a hexadecimal value to turn the bits off and on.

                            Cheers all... Rick :)