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    Fireworks will not load

      When I launch Fireworks CS4, I get the Fireworks splash screen and it shows VM loading, Fonts loading, then my computer says
      “The color scheme has been changed to windows vista basic”

      Then it shows tools loading and I get a small window that says “Adobe Fireworks CS4 window opens that says: Could not launch Fireworks. An internal error occurred.”

      My computer is a Gateway M-6752. With Core 2 Duo 1.67GHZ processors. I have 3 GB of RAM. My video card is a “Mobile Intel ® 965 Express Chipset Family with a total available graphics memory of 358 MB. Dedicated video memory: 0MB, System video memory: 128MB, Shared system memory 230MB.
      Vide settings are 1200X800 32 bit

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          Do you run Windows Aero with your fireworks? If you receive a message that the color scheme has been changed to Windows Vista Basic, one of the following might have happened: a program that you're running is incompatible with the Windows Aero color scheme, or your computer does not have enough memory to run all of the programs that you have open and also run the Windows Aero color scheme.


          Try closing some windows or changing your color scheme to Windows Vista Basic, use some tools, such as freeram, frees wasted memory back to the pool of available resources. If you changed your screen resolution, video card, or monitor setup, your computer might no longer meet the minimum recommendations for running Windows Aero.

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            pancho1991 Level 1

            I had some problems too with Fireworks and Windows XP SP2 when i added a custom theme.


            Anyway, just formatting the pc the problem disapeared.